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Ethnic pendant necklace large turquoise

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Ethnic pendant necklace - large turquoise pendant - artisan jewelry

$ 1050.00
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Ethnic pendant,Ethnic silver jewelry, Artisan jewelry: Bold Natural Turquoise Unisex Necklace: Turquoise known as the Sky Stone by Native American Indian Tribes in the Southwest, is an ancient talisman for health and happiness. One of my favorite stone and creation, made of natural huge turquoise in heavy sterling silver setting. It is very rare to get this kind of huge turquoise, one of a kind pendant. I'm always on the hunt for turquoise and corals when i saw this huge turquoise i cannot stop my self and i purchased this stone and finalized the design with pendant hanging with dragon design and set it in sterling silver, then i left it on my work desk to get the natural oxidized look.

I see this necklace every day and every day it inspires me to keep designing. Every thing is hand made and hand set to perfection in sterling silver. Its a heavy piece of jewelry but a treasure to keep for all turquoise lovers. 1st i thought it to keep for my self but being selfish is not my nature so i decided to list it on sale, Its a limited edition creation.

I know im not going to find the stone again and I keep my designs limited...So they remain special..Perfect collector piece great gift for any one who love to make bold impression.Hope you enjoy it forever:-)

Necklace length: 18.5 inch,width 10 mm,large link hand made chain.
Gemstones: Genuine Natural turquoise: 2.25 x2.5 inch.
Total length pendant necklace: 21 inches.
Metal : Solid Stamped .925 Sterling silver.
Weight: 138.7 grams total
Gift boxed.

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