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Natural labradorite pendant chain fire

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Natural labradorite pendant chain, Fire labradorite silver pendant necklace

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My Nebula series of Jewelry inspired by mesmerizing, Magical,mystical Universe:
Beautiful and Bold handmade sterling silver gemstone natural Labradorite rectangle pendant.

Inspired by Universe's NEBULA.Originally, the word "nebula" referred to almost any extended astronomical object (other than planets and comets). The etymological root of "nebula" means "cloud". Universe ,galaxies,stars has always made me curious and inspired me from my child hood and i love Science friction movies too:) And astronomy and physic is my favorite subject.

When i have seen the pictures of nebula i though of creating this collection It took me a lot of time to get the perfect gemstones, Coz each and every gemstone is unique and never repeating therefore my this collection is ONE OF A KIND some will never repeat.

The Nebula is the last picture are Helix,Swan,eagle,Carina Nebula they look just like the fire of Labradorite.And i created this Collections called "Nebula" it includes rainbow moon stone and labradorite.

This pendant measures 1.6 x1.3 inches finest natural Labradorite which has great luster and fire hand set to perfection bezel setting. Attached with fine thick complementing snake chain.
The total weight is 34 grams.

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